Friday, 29 June 2012

Tourist trap

With two visitors sharing the ale-sampling burden, our routine was thrown entirely out of kilter today. Getting the first beer chosen was very hard; no one could decide, a big chap was blocking out view of the pumps, and Nobby (not his real name; it's Nobby Nobbler McNob) went off and ordered food. I'm amazed we got anywhere.

It clearly messed with Addie's head because the spellings in his earlier post are all over the place. "How can you tell the difference?" you might ask? Good point; you can't.

So we sat there with two successive and different ales, while Nobby Northerner ate his fried stuff with cheese. The first was Juggernaut at 4.6%, from the Mighty Oak brewery. This was, frankly, a great pint and we all enjoyed it. Smooth toned and a great finish, liquid and enjoyable despite being pretty strong. An 8/10 from me. Silly pump branding for such a good beer (see Addie's post), but don't let that put you off. Pint shown below.

Second, Sonny from The West suggested Cottage Brewing's Full Steam Ahead (pictured). 4.2%. It has no noticeable smell, unusually, and has an earthy, slightly barrelly taste. This one wasn't for me and I couldn't give it more than 4/10.

Of course, our visitors were dying to see the published blog, naturally. Then they saw Addie's meandering waffle, and changed their minds...

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