Sunday, 25 November 2012

Yes I Am Still Here.

Siddie is still off work, either he will be appearing on Grand Designs (this is a TV program about people with great plans to create their own home, see or maybe he is genuinely ill.

Mr Windy and I managed a trip out last week, since Siddie has not been around our external lunchtime excursions have definitely dropped off. But, yes we made it out for a strole. Whilst walking down the street we stumbled into a bar, where I had a couple of Ruby Ducks. This is from the Fuzzy Duck brewery with a whopping 5.3% alcohol. This is a darkish beer, kind of ruby colour - not a surprise here - and full of flavour. A lovely pint, which is why I had two pints, so a 7 out of 10 from me.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mr Windy and a Random Drink

Siddie is still off work, with no current plan to come back (as far as I can tell), so there must be major renovations going on in his house.

Since Siddie isn't with us in the local, so I'll post this on his honour. Mr Windy and his random (this time it isn't Guinness) beer.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Charlie is Going on Holiday

Oh there is a happy man in work today, Charlie. For the first time in years he is off on a 2 week holiday to St Lucia. Time in the sun, relaxing and not thinking about work (it's the work bit he is really looking forward to). So what to do when a friend is off work for 2 weeks? Celebrate down the bar with a couple of beers.

Now, Siddie is no where to be seen, and no one else wants a break, so Charlie and I head off for lunch.

In between Charlie's smug 'I'm not at work for 2 weeks', he spends his time telling me how he is going to relax and do nothing while he is away. Thanks Charlie..(now I wonder if I was like this before my holiday, I hope not.)

In between breaths of descriptions of sunshine, beaches and non motorised water sport (powered sport isn't included on his all inclusive holiday) we manage a couple of pints of American Pale Ale by Milestone brewing at 4.6%. This is a pleasant ale, not hoppy and not zesty, but a good drink, and at 4.6% helped to pass the afternoon I enjoyed this 7 out of 10 from me.

It Has Been a While

So boy have we been quiet on the blogging front.

Siddie is doing some serious decorating, as he has been off work for a while (he tells me he has a doctors note, which I assume is his excuse when Mrs Nam complains at the quality of his work).

I have been very busy and missed quite a few lunches, but I did make it out on Friday for a pint of Forest Hare by Bath Ales, a session beer at 3.9%. This has the similar zesty flavour as the other recent Bath Ales beer we had and consequently isn't my cup of tea, so a 5 out of 10 from me.

Tonight I am at the Woking beer Festival, Siddie isn't here, so no silly 5 word rules. But should I taste an extraordinarily fine beer, rest assured I will let you (dear reader) know.