Thursday, 6 September 2012

TEA after a long day.

With the crack (or maybe cracked) reporting team of Addie and me reunited, the time had come to start working back out there in the field. For one thing, Addie's post-holiday use of the English language leaves a great deal to be desired, and a good pep-talk was in order. More importantly, another colleague (Nobby Northerner) fancied a pint. He came down from The North somewhere to share an ale; it would have been rude not to.

Addie nearly fell off his barstool with excitement when we discovered that TEA was on the menu. The pub we chose, an off-the-beaten-track venue, had a few proper ales, mainly from the big name brewers, and no little special surprises, but Addie, after two weeks of drinking unbranded chemically lager in Turkey, was beside himself in ecstasy at discovering his favourite beer right there in front of him. Hog's Back Brewery's The English Ale at 4.2% is certainly a minor masterpiece, and even Addie, with his illiterate ramblings and nonsensical word omissions, knows a decent ale when he tastes one. 8 out of 10; you just have to drink this excellent if classical beer. Well done Hog's Back.

So the team is back in action. Autumn beckons. Where will the muse take us? Who knows? I'm guessing the pub probably.

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