Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What do we have today ?

Siddie is yet again working from home. I think it's a Friday thing - he likes a long weekend.

So he is missing a leaving do for Rolf, this will upset Siddie - the thought of missing a free beer.

So Siddie isn't drinking Beach Babe by Weltons brewery at 4.4%. It is a light golden beer with citrus overtones. I really don't like this taste. As much as Siddie thinks they are great, I don't. 5 out of 10 from me.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Drunken Disorderly

Now, blogging about beer is a serious business, so I apologise profusely for any unnecessary nincompoopery which may occur in tonight's post. The thing is that Nobby Northerner was paying us a visit, he had to get his train home, so were obliged to drink four very quick pints. We decided to head for London's West End, and an occasional haunt called The Coal Hole on The Strand. Despite its touristy location, it actually sells real beer; although it's not cheap.

The problem? Two of these pints were plus 5% beers; and that has made us silly and giggly. I now have no idea what I'm going to blog about, although I now have Addie to compete with. He has a shiny new iPhone 5 (already -- the nerdy geek), so will be competing to out-blog me. I'm blogging while inebriated and under pressure. What chance do I have?

Out of four beers, I only recorded the first. It was Thornbridge Jaipur, at a silly 5.9%. Ridiculously strong, and tasting like it was full of citrus zest, it was nice but would be hard work on a long session. Addie was less keen, but I quite liked it and will award it six out of ten.

A later beer was another mad one. It was strong, and tasted like a chocolate orange in a glass. I can't be doing with these; my colleagues admired it for what it was; I however would rather pay to die. It got me drunk in an enjoyment-free way; two out of ten for me. Luckily I didn't catch its name and can't bad-mouth it further. But here's a pikkie. Avoid! What do you think Addie?

First of the Day

It was a bright sunny Monday and a welcome trip to work. Well at least in my head.

Siddie was yet again in a high profile meeting with important people (I know this as he was wearing a tie) so was unable to make lunch. We, Mr Windy and I, met Perry for lunch.

The tipple of the day was Nelsons Victory by Itchen valley brewery 4.4%. Light slightly hoppy nose. Zesty flavour, not my taste, 5 out of 10.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Old Growler

It's been a tough week at work and when I suggest to Mr Windy that we should have lunch, he grabs the opportunity. Siddie is in an important business meeting, so his lunchtime is pre-occupied with some techie widget or dongle.

The bar we go to has a beer menu on the tables listing all the ales they are selling and what is due on soon. This is all too clever for Mr Windy and I, so we pick the one with the best name.

So we had a pint of Old Growler from Nethergate brewery coming in at 5%. Full flavour porter, strong malty taste, and a slight kick at the back of the throat (although this may be because I have a bit of a cold). A touch too strong for my palate, but pleasant none the less. 6 out of 10.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Two For The Price of One

I couldn't believe it was time for lunch, but yes that time was upon us, so off we trot to the local. Siddie is working at home again, which as usual means he's not doing anything, well maybe a little bit of painting.

Since we have been busy at work, we make it a sort of happy business meeting over a pint, some talk about work issues, and then onto more interesting social topics. 

The beer we had was Sambrooks Junction at 4.5%. This is a well rounded ale, in my view up with TEA, just what I want from a beer. Nothing fancy, just the flavour of the hops and water to give it taste. Definitely an 8 out of 10. This is specifically interesting, as I'm hoping to go on a brewery tour at Sambrooks, as it's located just outside central London, near a main line train station (Clapham Junction) . When we do this, I'll blog about the other ales they have.

Later that day, an old friend of mine phone to say he'd been for a job interview over the road, so I meet Nick for a brew. It's good to see my old chum Nick, and he does like a beer, but I have to head home so only time for a quick pint of Pure Gold by Itchen Valley Brewery. Quite stong at 4.8% and has a sharp sour taste. now I don't normally like this sort of flavour, but as I work my way to the bottom of the pint, I was begining to like it more and more (maybe thats the 4.8% talking here). I'd mark this 6 out of 10. A hard started but a nice finish.

Beer Rocks

Siddie was in one of his miserable moods the other day, and you can tell, because he's all Addie did this, Addie did that, Addie can't spell, Addie pull your socks up. Boy did he go on, so when lunch time came along it was a bit of a relief to get out, unfortunately Siddie came along.

The nagging continued, what beer do you want why not this one, I've had that one before...

I felt like he was trying to be my wife !

Either way we had a pint of Lords ale by Beer Rocks Brewery, what a great name for a brewery. At 4.1% a session beer with a hint of a kinds of fruity zesty flavour.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Addie's Parade Charade

You can only make today's title rhyme if you pronounce it using American English. This is perfectly legitimate, of course, if you are one of our many regular and very welcome American readers who visit our blog in the (slightly forlorn) hope of finding out more about craft ales and beers, usually from Britain. However, since Addie is confined to using British English (and even then it only just qualifies), he will not notice the rhythmic poetic qualities of today's title.

You shouldn't blame him. Addie doesn't easily notice things. Yesterday's post also contained the repeated but erroneous report of Olympic "dragons" being seen on the Olympic Parade route. Addie, utterly in touch with his culture and heritage, failed to observe that the "dragons" he saw were giant sized puppet-style manifestations of the stylised lion device featured on every single Team GB and Paralympic official garment. And there were two of these enormous lions, embodied as lightweight rod-controlled mannequins that were larger than African Elephants. How could he fail to spot this?

This all leads me to slightly question the veracity of basically anything Addie utters. When I arrived at the pub today, I asked who would like what from the bar. The already-incumbent Addie (I'm starting to think he may actually live there, and makes himself a little nest every night from beer mats and pub grub menus) suggested I get three pints for the resident audience of fellow drinkers. Only when I returned with a pint did I discover that occasional drinker Woody just wanted a half. At least he got the white wine spritzer right (not for us you understand; this was the desire of another occasional attendee who thinks we're all a bit weird for liking ales -- what does she know?).

With Addie almost totally discredited, it falls to me to review today's ale. Nethergate's Umbel Ale at 3.8% was quaffable and easy, if unspectacular. I liked it, six out of ten from me. Light and vaguely hoppy, you could drink a few of these. At least you could providing you don't choose to trust Addie with the drinks order. Spritzers all round perhaps? Please, no!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Olympic Parade

Following a successful 2 months, London supported our Olympic competitors, all of which (in my view) are winners, as I would not be able to compete in anything as fantastic as a world event.

Siddie, Garth and I were part of the crowd lining the street near St Paul's Cathedral, where we watched the parade go by, starting with a Chinese type dragon.

After the dragon, there was a band, and then the parade of lorries with the athletes, I took some rather basic photo's which my phone, and here is the first lorry which included Jessica Ennis.

After which we thought we should continue the celebration at a local to the parade, not anywhere near where we would normally go. Now normally this confuses the heck out of us, as there is a lot to think about, does it sell real ales, does it look busy, is it full of tourists, how far is it from the station, and other relevant questions. However today Garth knew a good bar, as his better half (if you knew Garth then it is definitely his better half) runs the bar.

So we head into the local (to where we were) and had a pint of Pride, by Fullers Brewery at 4.1%. Now I have some bad experience of London Pride, but today this was a lovely pint (not overly hoppy, and actually not too much flavour but for today this was just right), and as the name suggests, I was full of London Pride, and by the time we left I well and truly was.

I also know Siddie was full of pride, as he had a bit of a wobble when he left work. Ahhh bless him.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Where is the Scarlet Pimpernel?

It's Friday and you'd think this would be a good time for lunch. But today I look towards Siddie's desk, but where is he?  Whilst speaking to him on the phone, he tells me he got up early and is up visiting Nobby up north, where they like flat caps, whippets, and full on frothy heads on their beer.

Talking to Peter from another team in the office, he has agreed to meet up for lunch with some guys down the road, so lunch today is a proper social occasion. In fact it's lucky Siddie is not here as we agreed to go to a different pub and Siddie (based on his directions last night) would probably still be roaming the streets of London trying to find it.

Where as I was enjoying a beer from Bradfield Brewery called Farmers Brown Cow at 4.2%. This slightly nutty and hoppy dark brown ale, went down really easily and I'd have to mark as a 7 out of 10. I could drink quiet a few of these.

If Siddie ever comes back to work, then I may just treat him to this bar, as long as he lets me give directions.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Really number 2?

With Siddie having a poor show lunchtime, there was a suggestion we go for a beer with 'our friend from the north'.

Nobby has indeed paid the office a visit, and as I have no need to collect my kids from school this seemed like a worthy cause.

So off we go to the local. Siddie and I have agreed which local we should go to, there are several that offer tempting real ales, he decides he wants to go the wrong direction. Why you ask? Because Siddie, is confused, like the old man he is. We say pub A, but in his mind Siddie sees pub B. Plonker.

Since I am the guide, which is odd because I come from the country not the big smoke like Siddie, we are heading in the right direction.

At the bar they have several tempting beers, but TEA from Hogsback Brewery, is on offer, so i buy us a round (as usual 4.2%). I love this pint.

Anyway Nobby, not knowing the protocol, picks TEA as the second pint, and Siddie (who should know better) picks TEA as the third.

Come on Siddie, pull your socks up. This blog should be about different ales, not the same one over and over again (no matter how much we like it - here is a picture of 3 mostly drunk pints of TEA - hmmm lovely).

TEA after a long day.

With the crack (or maybe cracked) reporting team of Addie and me reunited, the time had come to start working back out there in the field. For one thing, Addie's post-holiday use of the English language leaves a great deal to be desired, and a good pep-talk was in order. More importantly, another colleague (Nobby Northerner) fancied a pint. He came down from The North somewhere to share an ale; it would have been rude not to.

Addie nearly fell off his barstool with excitement when we discovered that TEA was on the menu. The pub we chose, an off-the-beaten-track venue, had a few proper ales, mainly from the big name brewers, and no little special surprises, but Addie, after two weeks of drinking unbranded chemically lager in Turkey, was beside himself in ecstasy at discovering his favourite beer right there in front of him. Hog's Back Brewery's The English Ale at 4.2% is certainly a minor masterpiece, and even Addie, with his illiterate ramblings and nonsensical word omissions, knows a decent ale when he tastes one. 8 out of 10; you just have to drink this excellent if classical beer. Well done Hog's Back.

So the team is back in action. Autumn beckons. Where will the muse take us? Who knows? I'm guessing the pub probably.

1st Beer in the UK

So after some time away, I am finally back drinking a real pint - which I note Siddie didn't manage in my absence.

So it is nice to be drinking a pint of Winston Churchill by Cottage Brewery at 4.2%. I've missed the slightly yeasty smell and full on flavour of real ale, which this pint provides. Today I won't score the pint, as I want my taste buds to get used to the real stuff again.

Siddie will - one day - drink some real ale again, as he has not turned for a quick one.